Collage Pink


an abstract wonderland driven by image color and action

Collage Pink is a dreamscape.  It is a story, told in the abstract dream language of color, images and action. Throughout this movement adventure dancers become tutu tough girls, slithering sloths, sequined beauties and more.  Possessing hints of a wonderland, Collage Pink is driven by the rich heavy beats and haunting melodies present in the eclectic sound score. 

"Soto Style knows how to deliver empowerment through dance to the audience and this night was no exception."

 - Nalisha Rangel (writer for Seattle Dances)

“Soto is of course a master of her own style, blending not only two different styles of dance but also finding ways to meld coquettish smiles with imposing attitude and aggression.  The dance goes through several transformations in costume and style, as if building personality rather than stripping it away.  One of the highlights is a great deal of fascinating partnered work, exploring themes of action and reaction, as well as having one dancer mirroring another only to throw in sharp contrasts when the symmetry is broken.” - Steve Ha (writer for Seattle Dances)

"The choreography fused ballroom, break dance power, and what appeared to be a pinch of martial art movement articulated with technique and brilliant balancing and turns from all seven dancers." - Nalisha Rangel (writer for Seattle Dances)

"Soto Style represents drama, athletics, determination and a strong spirit. The work is dynamic, engaging and ENTERTAINING." - Marlo Martin (producer of The BOOST dance Festival)


Gabriel Bruya

Karen Grady Brown

Teresa Hanawalt

Amy Johnson

Anne Motl

Uraina Nagy 

Maya Soto

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