Tangled Not Tied | 2016

Tangled Not Tied features a tight ensemble of 8 dancers, ferociously diving, slicing, hovering and flying through space. Nico Tower's original score hasthe flavor of a futuristic Gregorian spaghetti western rave. This work prompts a re-connection with our instincts and manifests bravery as an empowered, physically driven daily practice. Tangled Not Tied takes inspiration from the sensory adaptations of the southern scorpion mouse, the mythology of the wild west and the courageous spirit of survival. 

Choreography: Maya Soto

Sound & Light Design: Nico Tower

Performers: Alexandra Beatty, Angelica DeLashmette, KJ Dye, Brittany Gaudette, Kim Holloway, Cristen Klaja, Jaclyn Mason, Meghan Pilling