[persIst] | 2019

[persIst] takes an immediate, sincere look at tenacity and the makings of grit. This work is a study of perseverance. What strategies do we use to keep going when we are physically and emotionally exhausted? The interplay of live music and dance creates an athletic and rhythmically driven world. The original sound score ranges from mechanistic to ethereal. With intense physicality, the ensemble explores relationship dynamics and individual struggles in the current socio-political climate.

[persIst] was commissioned by the 2019 Seattle International Dance Festival and made possible by the James Ray Residency Grant Program. 

Concept | Direction: Maya Soto + Nico Tower

Choreography: Maya Soto

Original Sound Score: Nico Tower

Violin: Jo Nardolillo

Performers | Collaborators: Adriana Hernandez, Maya Soto, Jo Nardolillo, Leah Russel, Elizabeth Sugawara, Nico Tower