GO Stop Falling | 2014

How are our moments of vulnerability met with strength and courage? How do we channel heroic power? What drives us to keep going? Five incredibly strong women explore exhaustion, vulnerability, surrender, and heroic compassion. GO Stop Falling is a new work for five dancers set to the music of Seattle composer Nico Tower. Athletic and rhythmically driven, the work explores the multi-dimensional strengths and struggles of the modern superwoman. With intense physicality, the ensemble reflects She - who is asked to be all things, play all the roles, fulfill every need, attempting to encompass everything, struggling to define just what is actually at the core of it all. She is pulled in many different directions at the same time, bombarded with dualities and emotional paradoxes. Duets juxtaposed with ensemble explore the dynamics of complex relationships in a fast paced, competitive, image driven and often unrealistic culture. 

Choreography: Maya Soto

Original Music Score: Nico Tower

Lighting Design: Nico Tower and Maya Soto

Performers | Collaborators: Danica Bito, Cristen Klaja, Erin McIntire, Alicia Mullikin, Maya Soto